It’s a common problem that can arise anywhere at any time, but leaking taps should never be ignored. Even the smallest drips, if not properly fixed, will lead to bigger problems.
Sometimes, these leaks can be hard to spot. An unattended leaking tap can expose your house to flooding and leave your walls, floors, and furniture vulnerable to excessive water damage.

Your savings in one year will more than make up for the cost of replacing those drippy faucets. You’d be surprised at how much water is wasted from a leaking tap. A single dripping tap can waste thousands of litres every month, just imagine how much that is costing you and your water bill.

The Simply Magic Plumbing team are experts at locating the cause of a leaking tap, and know all the necessary actions to fix that leak on the spot, without causing any more problems in the process.

We respect your home, that’s why we’ll leave it neat and tidy after the job is done. We always believe in respecting our customers and will always do our best to finish the work quickly and efficiently, our work is only considered done when all our customers are 100% satisfied.